Poutine Is Not Planning



Facebook emailed me today to let me know I had notifications waiting for me. Thanks, Facebook, the red circle indicating so didn’t give me a tip off. Besides asking my boyfriend, Davin, to check what time my favourite juice place is open till, and to check out a super cute puppy with the best eyebrows ever, (I’m not kidding, you have to check Clifford out) I haven’t looked or logged into Facebook OR Instagram! That looming red circle with the number 7 in the middle of it though, is starting to get to me… A lot. Twenty… Five? More days to go.

See that poutine up there? Ya… That one. That is the result of a 10pm hunger and lack of planning on a Sunday. This Sunday was pretty busy, I did after all have to check out the closing sale at Chapters (sad bear) before doing anything else and then we made our way to visit my sweet lil nephew. And what a cutie he is! On our way home, even though we had dinner, I wasn’t quite satisfied. I wanted something comforting, something warm. A hot chocolate, a tea… umm a big poutine?! I mean, I don’t regret it, it was delicious! In the past I would have chastised myself for eating something like that anytime of day, but the fact remains, I didn’t really need it, and it was only the result of poor planning. There was not much “snack” food in the house.

Thankfully Monday was a holiday and we were able to make a list and buy some essentials for the next week. Not without a temper tantrum of sorts on my part though. Browsing through blogs like OhSheGlows I couldn’t help but be envious of what food bloggers can purchase, make on a whim, and the obviously very necessary kitchen equipment they ALL seem to have. Hello, Vitamix, I’m waiting! I simply could not wrap my head around the price tag for healthy food. What mother nature concocts by her own free will, organic anything, delicious everything… costs an arm and a leg. However, when taking that fresh produce grown straight from the ground, picked off trees, sent to a factory and having someone process the crap out of it, THAT is cheap. I’ll never understand it. Sitting cross legged on my living room floor, Davin just kept asking me to make a list of a few things we could start out with and go from there but I wasn’t having it. I wanted everything and not having it wasn’t an option. I got over my pity party fairly quickly, on occasion food and grocery shopping stress me out, and having the most nourishing things is a bit of a necessity for me. (except at 10pm on a Sunday when all I want is poutine) I’m slowly learning to get over the anxiety it produces sometimes.

We successfully purchased a haul of yummy food, in a price range that was less than anticipated. And today I made a decadent Avocado Chocolate Mousse. Vegan, gluten free and full of goodness.


I wont lie, I had my qualms about how this would taste, I deconstructed a few recipes I found, and used alternate measurements but it turned out great. A bit too rich to indulge in a full serving, I’m not much for sweets so a few bites were simply perfect. I chose to use unsweetened bakers chocolate, as adding sweetness in the process was enough for me. But for a slightly sweeter turn out, feel free to use semi-sweet chocolate.


Even Davin devoured it. Mister “Gluten free vegan desserts can’t possibly be good.” I think I’m finally getting to him.


Everything is a learning process and it’s all about balance and moderation. Poutine is okay to indulge in on those odd days where you just want something comforting. I’m learning how to take things in stride, that I wont have all the essential kitchen tools in a day and not being able to buy all organic yet doesn’t require a near tears episode on my living room floor.

Avocado Chocolate Mousse 

2 Avocados

1/2c Unsweetened Chocolate

1/3c Raw Unpasteurized Honey or Agave

1 Tbsp Pure Vanilla Extract

A touch of Almond Milk, I put in slightly less than 1.4 cup. Put in more to make less dense

Himalayan Sea Salt to taste

Put all ingredients into blender or food processor and mix till smooth. Refrigerate for 3-4 hours and serve. Garnish with fresh berries and Sea Salt


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